Small Change, Big Difference


What we do at Monkey Wrench is super serious BUT I have to say when you get invited to events to learn how to make delicious, healthy and waste-free food it’s definitely ticking the brilliant fun box. In fact, everything about imagining a post-industrial future is fun - we’ve been part of a zombie economy for so damn long we don’t even notice the energy draining, cash depleting constantly shopping lifestyle most of us have taken for granted as LIVING. What’s so exciting is that anyone can have a go at imagining and co-creating the future because change is coming. Small Change, Big Difference is part of the future living gang and you should definitely check out their great work and their DELICIOUS food.

I’ll be going to Carnaby St Waste – Plant Based Brunch Pop Up Event with Kitchen Joy Cookery School this Sunday to learn how to make a super charged smoothie, followed by super healthy energy balls.  Chef Joy Phillips will be providing sustainable food tips and demonstrate how to make delicious, healthy and waste-free food easily at home to make a genuine difference to the planet.  

By eating less meat, using up leftovers, storing food so it doesn’t go off, and generally getting virtuous with your food you can reduce the estimated 910,000 tonnes of food that goes to waste from Londoners’ homes every year.  

This event is part of the free Small Change, Big Difference cookery classes open to the public which are running across London from July until October. Aimed at Londoners who want to up-skill in the kitchen, chefs will teach simple ways to reduce food waste and help save the planet for those too old for school strikes and too busy to spend hours in the kitchen. The classes aim to inspire participants with delicious, quick and easy recipes to make the most of those items loitering in fridges and store cupboards.  Public classes are free and can be booked here

Waste-free food tips from  Small Change, Big Difference

Waste-free food tips from Small Change, Big Difference

Meat production causes a shocking 60 percent of food-related greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and eating less meat is one practical thing we can do to help. The expert chefs running the workshops are all passionate about food and improving the health of both people and planet; so they’ll be showing how to cook up mouth-watering dishes using mainly grains, fruit and vegetables. All ingredients are provided and will be low cost, healthy and easy to source, making the recipes straight-forward to whip up in your own kitchen! 

KitchenJoy is a cookery school with a difference; combining experiential learning of culinary skills with a medicinal foundation to promote health and wellbeing.  Each session has a specific focus from learning to boost your immune system and energy levels, what foods can nourish your body to good mood foods, and cooking for healthy brain function. Using nutritional pillars to inspire the recipes, seasonal ingredients are locally sourced and specifically selected to promote wellbeing. 


Power Smoothie 

·       Plant-based milk 

·       Cucumber 

·       Parsley 

·       Spinach leaves 

·       Brazil nuts

·       Pineapple 

·       Maca Powder 

Energy Balls 

·       Dates 

·       Turmeric 

·       Coconut oil 

·       Sunflower seeds 

·       Walnuts 

  • Sprinkle of sesame seeds


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