Plastic Free Shopping Map


The Beeswax Wrap Co. have created a plastic free shopping map to help you navigate through the sea of supermarkets and find those brilliant shopkeepers that are making eco-friendly groceries a reality.

“We wanted to put this zero waste shopping map together as we have found that we get lots of questions about how we live plastic free. All the information on these maps have been crowed sourced so please let us know if you know of any other places we should add or if any of the information is wrong. We want to make this a useful and accurate resource for anyone venturing on a plastic free lifestyle, the more info you can share the more plastic free we can all become.”

“This map plots all of the plastic free shops, bulk food markets and refill shops we could find in the UK. Some offer loose grains and rice, others offer detergent refills or wine refills. Click on their web links to see what they offer in your area. Shop local and support small business to help your local community flourish! We always take our beeswax wraps to our local refill store and make a pouch to collect our pasta, rice and grains and even loose tea. Check out our tutorial to see how to make a pouch from our eco wraps.”