Top 5 Eco Documentaries


Social media, live news, notifications, smartphones - we’re constantly being fed information. The pressure to stay up-to-date is extreme. Our phones are lighting up more frequently every day. While some would argue that this has helped to increase awareness of the environmental crisis, at what point do we become desensitised? Who else feels like they’re hearing a lot but understanding little? And who really has time to properly digest the information that’s coming at us at increasing speeds? Sometimes it’s important to get off the hamster wheel of modern life, sit down and focus. The climate crisis is upon us and no amount of likes or retweets is going to stop it.

Environmental documentaries are a great way to shut out the noise and really immerse yourself in the trials our planet faces. After a long day at work and running around after the kids, you probably wouldn’t be filled with joy at the thought of reading a scientific report or studying a graph? Documentaries do the hard work for you. Amazing cinematography and engaging speakers help you to forget about that email you didn’t answer or the overflowing washing basket that needs your attention. So, I’ve compiled a list of my top five eco documentaries covering sustainable technology, the food industry, extinction of wildlife, fast fashion and global warming. Put your pj’s on, grab a bowl of popcorn and find out what’s really going on with the climate crisis.


A new film for 2019, award-winning director Damon Gameau wonders what the world will be like for his daughter in 2040. Gameau reveals that we already have the technology to tackle the environmental crisis and preserve the planet for our children. With wonderful narration, quirky and unexpected visuals and a whole host of amazing ideas, this documentary will leave you feeling hopeful about the future.

Food Inc.

According to Greenpeace International food and agriculture campaigner Eric Darier: “If left unchecked, agriculture is projected to produce 52% of global greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decades, 70% of which will come from meat and dairy.” Although created in 2008, Food Inc. bolsters Darier’s statement through its exploration of America’s food industry. Sadly, since its release 11 years ago, little has changed. The world of supermarkets, processed foods and the ‘fast and cheap’ philosophy continues to wreak havoc on our planet.

Our Planet

Our Planet sees David Attenborough do what he does best. Breath-taking cinematography of the creatures who share our home is lovingly given meaning by Attenborough’s captivating narration. Available on Netflix, you will learn how our actions are causing the extinction of so many amazing animals. Our Planet challenges the naïve assumption that humans can escape the same fate.

The True Cost

The harmful conditions of workers, the pollution of the planet, and the perpetuation of a wasteful culture are explored within The True Cost. Our desire for beauty has ugly consequences.

For more information on the companies that are providing consumers with an alternative to the fast fashion industry, read my blog post Clothes Lovers Solve the Fashion Crisis.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

I remember watching An Inconvenient Truth at school when I was twelve. At the time, global warming was presented as a run of the mill topic that we were learning about because the curriculum dictated it. We were just happy to be watching a film and not really doing any work. Eleven years later, An Inconvenient Sequel was released and the impact that this film has had on me as an adult could not be more different. No longer just a slightly more fun way to get through a geography lesson, the words of Al Gore have a very immediate and frightening meaning. This film documents Al Gore’s continuing efforts to inspire government action to tackle climate change, culminating in the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement.