Talking sense: A call for democratic speech therapy

It is a paradox of modern politics that, despite 24/7 media coverage and an unprecedented crisis engulfing British governmental institutions, the public is remarkably disengaged. The Twittersphere expands while the public sphere contracts, leaving disillusioned citizens in a managerial democracy.

The above is extracted from an article from STIR magazine which explores the new economy.

What are the alternatives to consumerism and capitalism? Many but they’re not in the public conscious because they’re not explored by main stream media. And so the rise of independent publishers, many of us challenging damaging cultural certainties and exploring alternatives to a planet wrecking lack of governance and the domination of ecocidal multinationals.

Stir to Action is one of these and if you want to stretch your bandwidth about the possibilities for future living it’s worth picking up a copy.

I’ll be joining Andrew Simms at the Stir to Action festival on the 18th July 12pm to discuss how we make rapid economic transition happen including widespread behaviour change to sustainable lifestyles, necessary to live within planetary ecological boundaries and to limit global warming to below 1.5 degrees.