Train bragging is now a thing


I’m about to tagskyrt (or train-brag in Swedish)

Oh yes, train bragging is now a thing and I’m taking one on Saturday all the way to Bologna. I ummmed and ahhhed for ages as it means another day away from my baby girl and I’m already away for a week on a writing retreat with Sam Harvey (Booker long-listed author and all around gorgeous human being who will be picking apart my book to try and get it up to publishing scratch) - so it was a tough decision 


BUT only Ryan Air fly from Bristol to Bologna and they are planet wreckers extraordinaire. The dilemma is do I fly back to UK with them though? I already bought the tickets months ago before deciding that flying is a real luxury and a rare treat.

Upsides? I save myself a day’s travel and £300 and also get back to my baby sooner.

Downsides? I release about a tonne of carbon into the atmosphere and according to the latest blog from Flight Free 2020 that is the equivalent carbon saving of going vegan for an ENTIRE YEAR - check out their campaign, it’s great and I’ve signed up to staying on the ground for ALL of next year (although we’re starting our own personal family flight free travel this summer holidays - just for fun 🥳)

Flying is a weird one as actually I don’t think it’s that much fun - easyJet et al have to be endured rather than enjoyed and the thought of whisking through Europe on a train (in my own cabin ) sounds MUCH more appealing

Annoyingly though cheap flights are HEAVILY subsidised and train travel isn’t so whilst we seriously need some polluters pay policies to be implemented, actually the opposite is happening 

Flight Free 2020

Flight Free 2020

Luckily there’s a great new petition to sign on - the European citizen’s initiative to end tax exemption on aviation fuel - it’s a bit of a mouthful but super important so please wing your way over to the website to find to the petition - click on the image below.

End the tax exemption on aviation fuel

End the tax exemption on aviation fuel

Also advice please? Do I train it or fly back from Bologna?!? 🧐