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Future Proof Your Business

Green Business

'Future Proof Your Business'

Why employee wellbeing is paramount to drive sustainable long-term growth and profitability. 

Speakers: Dr Alexandra Jellicoe, Rachael Kelly, Cate Cody and Local Business Heroes 

The correlation between employee wellbeing and sustainability has been well documented, and with an unstable economy, dysfunctional political system, and decreasing consumer confidence, it is believed that companies need to start adopting a long-term approach to practices to ensure future sustainability and profitability. 

According to Larry Frank, founder of Black Rock's annual letter to CEO's: 'A Sense of Purpose' this has also led to society looking to business to addressing social and economic issues that are unnerving our society and therefore, this begins with your companies purpose and its employees. 

Environmental scientist, author and speaker Dr Alexandra Jellicoe will share her insights into the very latest research in the area of sustainability, from how much we should be working, which type of businesses have the most sustainable practices, to exploring post-consumerist economies, degrowth, economics for wellbeing, devolving resources and customers to local communities and the importance of prioritising personal wellbeing in the working week. 

Alexandra will be joined by Sustainability consultant Rachael Kelly of The Liminality, who will share her expertise on how businesses can go beyond the simple ‘green’ or ‘eco’ labelling, and employ new approaches in order to tackle complex issues such as climate change, pollution, waste, inequality and human rights abuses, to provide clarity and insight, navigating the journey towards genuine sustainability.

Green Party candidate Cate Cody will also be on the panel to share her political knowledge about how our government and local authorities can all support sustainable business initiatives with some of our local heroes in attendance to share their practices to offer a blueprint for success for Gloucestershire's business community. 

Earlier Event: September 12
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